Not Your Mom’s Store: Talbots Additional 40% Off Sale

I have been pestering blogger extraordinaire Bianca over at Deals for the Short and Curvy about the Talbots sale that seems like it wasn’t ever going to happen. At last, it did!

I am exactly the type of person who gets attached to beautiful lookbook pages and I fell in love with this outfit instantly. I have been biding my time waiting for a good enough sale to happen…thankfully no one seems to like the items that I am eying so it finally made its way to final sale. Cross your fingers for me and hope that they fit!

Lots of cute things on sale (I don’t really know why Talbots started morphing into J. Crew but it’s a welcome change! Their stock has suffered as a result ok maybe not as a result but it definitely plummeted for whatever reason) but I suppose they have a larger plan at work).

Still, we come back to the question: how does it fit? Unfortunately there are no Talbots within 15 miles of me so I can’t just drive to one during my lunch break. Most stores don’t carry 0P anyway and the last time I tried, the 2P jacket was a touch big on me. I think anyone smaller than me would probably find Talbots to be too big for them.

Picture Source: Red Chair Confessions

I ordered the High-ridge twill jacket in 0P (Originally $229, Now $68.39 on Final Sale) and the Shetland wool pleat-waist skirt (Originally $119, Now $35.38). If I hadn’t gone all shopping crazy in the last little while I would’ve ordered more (so much cute stuff plus I am uncertain about fit) but I really really want to stick to my resolution to spend less.

I don’t think you can stack codes but this one works for free shipping: 017791472

Some more eye candy to drool over.

Talbots Grace Fit Boucle Jacket, was $269.00 Now $80.38

Rose Print Dress, was $189.00 Now $84.59

Herringbone 3/4 Sleeve Coat, was $299.00 Now $134.39

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