LOFT Regular & Petite Rosette Halter Cami

The mall was a madhouse yesterday, I overheard the SA’s at J. Crew saying that it was busier than Christmas eve. In any case, I went into my local LOFT with a wishlist and only came out with two things…the entire store was almost entirely emptied out.

I first saw this cami on Cee and loved it on her. However, the nail in the coffin that did it for me was SewPetiteGal’s post though…who can turn down such a pretty shade of pink?

I bought the Strawberry Red color in XXSP and Rose Cloud in XS. Here are the comparison photos.

I loved the top on Cee and SPG but I don’t know if I love it on me. At this time I am leaning toward keeping both (though about an hour ago I was thinking about returning both…so I am entirely undecided). What do you think?

Also, can anyone advise me on the fit of LOFT sweaters? My favorite Australian petite is thinking about ordering one but I buy sweaters so infrequently that I was stumped. She is about 5’3, 100 lbs with long arms.

Update: 1/4/2010

I tried taking pictures of the two tops stacked on top of each other (tried being the key word)…it’s hard to tell but there is some difference. I thought the difference would be minimal at best but it’s actually somewhat substantial.

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