Keep : Nishe Ruffle Neck Long Sleeve Shirt (Long and Whiny Post Ahead)

I am an extremely extreme person, love for me is passionate and at first sight (at least when it comes to clothes). So when I first laid eyes on this Nishe Ruffle Neck Long Sleeve Shirt on ASOS (before my ban, obvi), I couldn’t take my eyes off it in spite of the fact that sizes run UK8-14 (usually this kind of sizing runs big). I quickly added the shirt to my cart, and just to be safe checked the quantity remaining. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out there are several left but at that point it was easily 3AM and I passed out while browsing for other things to add to my cart. I woke up the next morning in a good mood, thinking that I had ordered the shirt before I went to sleep (NOT) and fantasizing all the ways I can wear it only to realize at about mid-day that I never checked out. I wasn’t in a hurry though; after all, just the night before all sizes were available and in “safe” quantities. You can imagine my shock when I looked at the page and it was sold out! Not one left. In ANY size. At that point I knew I would have to play the ASOS waiting game*(see below for more). A day went by, then three days, and I had sort of forgotten about it when I thought I’d check for fun only to find one size 8 back in stock! Yes, my size! At that point I didn’t want to take any chances, checked out everything else I had in my cart and printed out the confirmation.

Without further adieu, the top that put me through so much turmoil. A hot mess?

 Boyish and Girly

I was somewhat confused about how to wear this top properly…there are buttons for the ruffley flutter flap. 

 Keeping because it was so darn hard tracking it down.

And a picture of me wearing the 2-in-1 Pussybow Jersey Dress in UK4, I wore the UK6 here. Too small for me, thankfully tiny Jessy happened to be interested in this dress so I’ll be passing it on.

*ASOS Waiting Game – those of you who recently ordered or browsed ASOS will know that ASOS started allowing people to “save” items in their cart for two hours in a protected setting. Sort of like Gilt and other sample sale sites that allow you to “hold” items for a specified period of time while you make up your mind. The problem with a store that allows you to both “save” items for two hours (sometimes more, as I’ve discovered) and do free shipping + returns is that people usually have no incentive to release items into the system. I mean, it’s like having your own private fitting party a week after ordering the merchandise. So for those of us who discover items after they’ve sold out in our sizes it’s a game of waiting – it’s certain that your size will be returned (at some unknown point in the future) but the question is, will you be around to snatch it up before the next eager shopper comes along?


At the risk of further boring you all, today was epic in that my car got stuck in the snow TWICE. I was literally in the driveway when things took a turn for the worse. So I used a combination of shovel and hands to dig my car out of the snow. Pretty, right? I almost lost some toes in the process but alas the car is safely removed from the cold.

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