Etsy Experience : hPiece Pleated Front Dress

I complain about my oversized rib cage all the time on this blog so it’s no surprise that I hardly ever find dresses that fit perfectly. Dresses tend to be either too big around the waist, too tight across my rib cage or too loose around my bust. They are never “perfect” in terms of the fit. 

I decided to go on Etsy, where I have experience ordering custom gifts for friends and family. I put out a request on Alchemy and within two days I had about a dozen e-mails in my inbox from artists on Etsy who responded to my request. I decided to go with Heather of hPiece even though her Etsy store only had simple pieces. The project that caught my eye was this coat with a bustle.

This whole project took about four weeks from start to finish and cost merely $155 including shipping. I sent some pictures to Heather, gave her ideas about what I was thinking and she put the pieces together perfectly. She even made two sets of sleeves (per my request) to go along with the dress without additional charge.

And some pictures of the beautiful packaging – Heather was more than professional.

Has anyone else had positive experiences on Etsy? Please share! 🙂

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