Charlotte Russe Rosette Romance Corset

I thought I’d do a quick post on this cute corset top from Charlotte Russe since it’s currently on sale for $15.

The XS fits me decently and I plan to (attempt to) take up the straps a smidgen since it’s a little too long for my short torso.

For $15 it’s a pretty good deal and I probably wouldn’t have risked getting this online but I happened to be in a store so I picked it up. I was unfamiliar with Charlotte Russe until recently and was drawn in mostly by their numerous sale signs and incredible prices (most things run $5-$15 on sale). It’s not of the best quality – it’s on par with Forever 21 – but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend a lot of money on something trendy like this rosette top anyway so this version is appropriate for my purposes.

Lots of things on sale, including an adorable rosette cardigan for $15 and a glittery bow cardigan for $10

$20 Eric Daman bubble dress and $10 bow pump

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