Secret Santa Reveal + Snacks Fail

Before I show off all the goodies I got from my Secret Santa, I want to first thank Jessy of The Little Dust Princess for organizing the first annual Petite Secret Santa Gift Exchange. She was so helpful in sending out various reminders (so very helpful to me, who can’t remember anything). Thank you Jessy!

I drew Sydney from Petite Little Girl and my Secret Santa was Elaine from Curls and Pearls. We were supposed to keep our gifts between $15-$25 but I feel like Elaine really outdid herself. I loved everything. Thank you!

The gifts in all their glory – the gloves arrived first, followed by the box of goodies.

Pictured below is the sweet holiday card Elaine picked out – I am ashamed to say that I lost the card that I got Sydney and still can’t find it. I am sure it’ll turn up someday…but knowing me it’ll probably materialize next year.

I put the gloves on my wishlist and didn’t expect her to get it on top of everything else. I love the color (if it were up to me I probably would’ve ended up with a safe color like white but in retrospect the red is probably the better choice since I can’t keep anything white clean for more than 30 minutes). And she also got me KETCHUP CHIPS (OMG, I literally slept with this for a night and then ate it the next morning. Thank goodness I took pictures before consuming it in 30 seconds). The Smarties are an old fav of mine, I can’t believe I forgot about them.

Elaine also sent me a bunch of makeup goodies – I am experimenting right now so this came at the perfect time. Thank you again!

Now that I got the happy content out of the way, I would like to vent publicly. I had the worst luck picking out snacks here in LA….and I don’t know why. I was so excited when I saw the Hey Song Shake Jello Drink Thing in 99 Ranch and was even more excited by the Pineapple Danish Bun I found in the bakery section. When I returned to the hotel I couldn’t wait to tear into them…except I was sorely disappointed.

The jello drink thing is in essence just gelatinous goo and carbonated artificial fruit flavor water in a can. Completely flavorless…I don’t know why I think it would taste more like jello than unflavored gelatin and faintly flavored seltzer water. The pineapple danish bun was more salty than sweet…which is not what I was looking for.

 Another shot of the flavorless gelatinous goo seltzer drink.

I then proceeded to dig out my goodies from EE Convenient Store hoping to salvage the botched snacking effort. I first tackled the miniature packet of Meiji Grape Gummi (outrageously priced at $1.99 per 1.7oz…or about a dozen small grape shaped gummis) and as I was chewing numbly at the gummi’s I realize the expiration date on the back of the bag: OCT 27, 2010! This thing has been sitting on the shelf for two months past its fresh date. EE Convenient Store, I am so disappointed in you.

The sad thing is…I am actually considering finishing it. What do I do?

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