San Francisco : Day 2

Breakfast at Sears Fine Food – forgot SD card in the hotel room so no food pictures. The signature 18 pancakes were so-so but the hash browns were unforgettable.

We proceeded to take the cable car to Hyde St. where we rented bikes for the day.

Biking from San Francisco to Sausalito via the Golden Gate Bridge

I want to move to San Francisco just so I can utilize their biking trails – it’s so scenic and incredible. The hills are amazing, better than rollercoasters IMO.

Found my dream car in Sausalito – the perfect shade of pink and it’s also Earth friendly.

We took a short lunch + ice cream break at Sausalito

I had Macadamia Nut ice cream in a waffle cone while my parents opted for a small vanilla

Got burgers from Hamburgers – the revolving grill was pretty mesmerizing to watch

Saw a toy store next to the ice cream place, with HK in the display window I couldn’t resist a look

We had to leave Sausalito- had a ferry to catch in Tiburon. The trail there was beautiful but got quite hilly at the end.

Stopped to recharge + bathroom break at a Chevron

Finally! After 20+ miles (and getting a little lost along the way), we arrived at Tiburon. I was beyond excited to see this sign – I was sure I wouldn’t be able to find it.

We missed a ferry by 10ish minutes so had plenty of time to enjoy afternoon tea (I don’t drink coffee but my parents do) before the next one arrives. The fruit tart was pretty delicious.

The Blue & Gold – had an on-board snack bar and bike racks.

Back in San Francisco – for some reason (I suspect an effort by workers to get overtime) it took them forever to load a car and get it on its way. We waited over an hour and a half to get on a car. Everyone was displeased. San Francisco, please improve your public transportation system.

Dinner at Imperial Palace in Chinatown…my dad insists on at least one real Chinese meal everyday.

Complimentary mango pudding – I forgot to take out my camera until that last bite.

For those who asked, I used my Nikon D40 to take all of these pictures (it’s the only camera I own). 🙂
Addendum: I do edit the pictures – I crop, adjust the light and often tweak with saturation. 

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