New Year’s Resolution + H&M Leopard Bodysuit

Jessy tagged me to share a few resolutions I have for the coming year and I really struggled with this one because I typically skip new years resolutions as I do things as I think of them. Resolutions are just not in my element…too much planning. 🙂

1. Learn French – I took latin in high school and greek in college thinking that these two languages would aid me in picking up other romance languages…but to this day I still haven’t taken the time to actually take a class. Eventually I would love to learn Spanish too but I am overreaching here.

2. Complete a Marathon – I signed up to run in a race in December of 2009 but injured my back earlier that fall while training. I haven’t been in “training” since but still routinely log 40 miles a week so I am hoping that I am still sort of in shape enough to run one.

3. Overhaul My Closet – I need to learn how to curb unnecessary spending and (because I am attached to my clothes) slowly get rid of pieces that I love but have no occasion for. I donate a few boxes of clothes to Good Will every season but somehow still manage to have too much. It’s time to take serious action.

Onto my newest obsessions – bodysuits and animal prints. The appeal of bodysuits to me is fairly practical – I am just so in love with the idea of not having to constantly tuck in my tops and pulling it down throughout the day.

I found this leopard print bodysuit at H&M a little while ago. It was on sale for $5, down from around $15. I have been yearning to try animal prints in my outfits but wanted to take baby steps. I figured the cami bodysuit is a good starting place.

This The Petite Exposed Zipper Ponte Pencil Skirt from Ann Taylor is lined but couldn’t conceal longer tops so I really prefer wearing a bodysuit underneath to avoid revealing the bunching action going on under the skirt when I wear this skirt with other kinds of tops.

I got these shoes for my mom during the same Ann Taylor sale through which I got the skirt worn in the picture. I really can’t differentiate between animal prints so I am just going to continue calling them animal print shoes. I have taken a keen interest in them since my mom finds animal prints a bit too much for most occasions.

I never thought I would wear animal prints but have really started to love it (in small doses of course). Have you ever become a convert of a trend you thought you could never be attracted to?

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