Los Angeles : Day 1

So my aviation drama continues…after an extended stay in San Francisco, I was excited to finally get on the plane to LAX for the connecting flight back to the NE. Unfortunately, shortly after my family landed and attempted to get better seat assignments, we were told by the lady at the Sky Club counter that our flight has been canceled and that the next available flight was for Thursday evening. Being left without a choice (thank you, the Federal government, for a new kind of chafe), we relented and just decided to make the best out of this delay.

First stop? Garden Grove – I love me some good Korean BBQ and they are a dime a dozen here.

We had the All You Can Eat – and $17 before taxes and tip per person is a terrific deal since my family eats for six.

After “dinner” we decided to check out the Korea-Mart nearby where I picked up some discounted Pepero.

We later went to shopping at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, where I found this super cute Pearl Diamond Belt from LOFT for $10 plus tax.

Sorry for the patchwork type post – I am a little scatterbrained this morning. Hope you all are having a great day!

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