LOLElle : Draped Front Dress from the H&M “By Night” Capsule Collection

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but some of my recent purchases just don’t fit. The startling thing about all this is that they weren’t all online purchases. I have been yearning for this H&M dress for some time now and had given up on finding it since none of the stores I visited had the “By Night” capsule collection available by the time I finally figured out it even existed (I am notorious for being three steps behind everyone else).

Then, when I was just casually browsing the local H&M (the one that doesn’t have a Divided section and has a mediocre selection), I saw this dress among a bunch of these dresses. I quickly grabbed it off the rack, and from the condition of the tag and the slight threading at the bottom (and the fact that I have been to this store 6 times in the last 8 weeks), I am guessing this was a return (I also saw two Lanvin x H&M dresses there, both returns from the NYC stores…I hesitated for a day before they were gone).

Sophia, who is really really slim, also tried this dress on and the size 2 didn’t fit her. Without trying it on I knew it would never fit me. But I also knew I wasn’t going to find it again in a smaller size so I bought it anyway. I am determined to take it to a seamstress and have it be let out (quite) a bit. As it stands now, I can’t zip the dress up past about 2 inches above my waist so the seamstress has her work cut out for her.

I was going to take a picture of the mess that is the back view…but will save you all the trauma of seeing it

I know, what is wrong with me? Thankfully, it’s only $49.95 and even with alterations it will still be much cheaper than this J. Mendel Mousseline Strapless Dress that I was planning on buying in its absence. Hopefully the next time you see this dress it’ll actually zip up all the way.

p.s. if you ever see this dress in a small size (size 2 or 4), please pick it up for me. I will pay you back. Another lovely petite who is extremely sweet is also looking for it. Thanks!

In unrelated news, it’s the last day to enter my Reader Appreciation Giveaway. Not too many entries so still a pretty good chance to be one of two winners.


I just bought the Free People Remembrance Coat that Ping rocked…sadly only available in size 6 (what I got) and bigger at this time. I should have gotten it weeks ago but I keep putting it off hoping I would get it as a Christmas present but at this rate this coat will sell out before the end of next week. I wear a lot of clothes in the winter so the size 6 probably won’t be too bad. 

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