J. Crew Crewcuts Girls’ Silk Snapdragon Top in size 12

The second part of my J. Crew order came today and I wanted to get these pictures taken before the sale ends tonight. I also wanted to get some input about whether or not I should invest in another color.

I ordered the Crewcuts Girls’ Silk Snapdragon Top in size 12 in both soft blossom and ivory at $29.99 (originally was $55.00) before the 30% off. The price for this has since dropped to $19.99 so I am thinking about getting the fuschia color as well.

The flowers are a little flat from being in the plastic bag the top came in but I plan to follow Petite Gorgeous’ advice and treat them with a steamer.

The top is typical of kid’s clothing…boxy when untucked. At times like these I wish I knew how to sew so I can try to take in the waist a bit.

I tried this top with the ruffle shouldered cardigan from H&M but I think there is too much ruffle going on.

So, should I dare order another? I have to say the silky material is really nice and at $14 ($19.99 + 30% off) it might be a worthwhile investment.

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