How High Can You Go?

I am all of 5’2, which I am happy about 95% of the time, but for practical reasons (i.e. not be mistaken for a tween) I wear heels a lot. I got into the habit of wearing shoes with height at an early age (I went to parochial school so in an effort to spice up my uniform I made my mom buy me some oxford wedges in middle school) so I actually feel more at ease in heels than in flats thanks to years of playing soccer at recess in wedges. In the first picture I am actually slouching a little because I don’t know how to stand in flats.

All three pictures were taken with a tripod and self timer. I think I may have moved around a little bit between the shots but the difference is pretty staggering. If you can overlook the excessive ruffles taking over the pictures, 5-inch heels and a higher hemline really do help re-proportion my body since I have fairly broad shoulders for my height (but this is going to be the last time I wear these ensembles together…that LOFT ruffle top with the Gap tutu skirt is just too much).

Taryn Rose ballet flats, N.Y.L.A. mary jane pumps (~3-in),  ZiGiny stunning platform pumps (6+ inch)

Do you wear heels? What is the tallest pair of heels you own?

p.s. excuse the straggly hair in the pictures…I swear I have good hygiene. I usually put my hair up for work but took it down in a hurry which resulted in stray hairs everywhere.

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