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I really wanted to take some pictures of the new cocktail dresses that I got but my closet is a total mess right now. I overloaded the commercial use garment racks (each of whom supposedly holds 250 pounds of clothes…I think this speaks volumes about my need to curb spending, how does one even own 750+ pounds of clothes? I am re-reading The Overspent American, a book I read back in freshman year of college and it’s making me question my spending habits) so I am in transition as I eagerly await the arrival of new garment racks. Not to mention I lost my new Nikon remote control in the chaos and will need to replace that soon.

So no pictures to share, the sad thing is I had just gotten use to the ease of using remote + tripod for pictures and can’t imagine going back to mirror photos.

In any case, I found this great deal on Hanky Panky while perusing Slickdeals earlier today and took advantage of it. I have read so many positive reviews for this brand so am beyond excited to finally try them. They also have a petite section, so that’s terrific news for me.

$8 for a thong is hardly a great deal but Hanky Panky is so rarely on sale (usually goes on sale in three-panty lots on sample sites) and the free shipping offer is a great motivator for those of us who have wanted to try this brand. 

If you sign up for the Hanky Panky Club today (the sign up box is on the bottom left of their website), you will get a $10 gift card code sent to your inbox instantly. Hanky Panky is also offering free shipping on any order until the end of the year (no codes required).

I ordered a pair of these, the link is to Bare Necessities but I couldn’t find another direct link to it on Shopstyle. To go directly to the Hanky Panky website, click here.

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