Cocktail Dress Hour : LBD #27

Every woman should have one little black dress, as advised by the ladymags. I have 27. Yes, I counted.

I am feeling incredibly motivated to give my closet some order and have been organizing things into three piles: keep, sell, and donate. I am trying to organize everything before my laziness kicks in and I have been doing pretty well.

Back to LBD#27, this is an impulsive Victoria’s Secret purchase that was surprisingly successful. The size 0 was too tight for my 34B/32C chest but the dress gave me cleavage (however pressured my boobies must feel). I know the bf will like it but I do feel pretty self-conscious even taking these pictures.

How many little black dresses do you own? What other kinds of closet “staples” do you have too many of? I know everyone collects something…e.g. SewPetiteGal’s cardigans, Matt and his incredible shoes collection, and Ping’s FP clothes. What is your current vice?

p.s. I did my hair following Sophia’s hair bun tutorial…it looks pretty crappy compared to Sophia’s perfected version but I am confident that a few more tries will result in better looking buns.

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