Cocktail Dress Hour : Dress & Butterfly

I used to have a fascination with butterflies…I guess that’s in line with my love of bows.

I fell in love with a Dolce & Gabbana dress from Fall 2009 (seen on Winona Ryder in Elle UK) but couldn’t justify its hefty price tag. After some search I found an incredibly similar alternative by A.B.S. Schwartz and decided I can live with a cheaper inspired version.

This dress is another one that has been sitting in my closet since the day I brought it home and has sort of been forgotten. I got it in a size 2 because I thought the 0 was a little tight around my bust but when I tried it on at home I realized the size 2 was more loose than I feel comfortable with. It’s about 2 inches too big all around and requires constant pulling to stay up.

I am planning a move in a few months so I have been cleaning out my closet slowly (plus, since my “closet incident” during which I overloaded my commercial use garment racks and broke them, I have decided I have too much clothes for one person). How do you let go of pieces you love but really have no reason to keep because of fit?

Hi, I am Elle!

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