ASOS Petite Peterpan Collar Open Back Dress + Blog Award

Today was a minor success. I finally gift wrapped everyone’s presents after a 2 week delay during which I procrastinated college style. I also received the second part of my Petite Secret Santa present (thank you E. I love it…though I don’t know if I can resist eating my present before the big reveal).

In any case, today was also a good day for me because I received the ASOS order that I placed only last week. It was a huge improvement from my last experience (my packages took over 2 months to arrive last time). I had ordered because I was so in love with this Peter Pan Collar Open Back dress and the ASOS TOBAGO Lace & Bow Shoe Boot I had been lusting after came back in stock (no more pink/nude/blush shoes after this). I have to commend ASOS for their vast shipping improvement, I think they heard me (and other disgruntled instant gratification shoppers) loud and clear.

This dress ended up on my radar by accident. I had been casually reading new fashion blogs when I came upon posts about ASOS’s spring collection and was intrigued by the designs. I ended up on the ASOS website even though the Spring material isn’t available yet. I stumbled upon this dress by accident and fell in love. I have been on a major Peter Pan Collar kick lately (though this dress pretty much satiated that craving) and this dress couldn’t have been more perfect.

I ordered this in a petite size 4 because neither the 6 nor 8 were in stock. I didn’t want to risk ordering this dress from their main range because I think this dress is meant to be above the knee.

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The size 4 fit because it’s open back (I took some pictures of the back but they didn’t turn out very well)…if the dress had zippers any higher than the waist my proportionally large rib cage wouldn’t have allowed it to zip up.

I have to say…after looking at the pictures I am slightly disappointed by how it looks on me. I am average chested and even that was too much for this dress. If you are completely flat this dress is for you. The model pulled it off seamlessly.

It’s $65.51, which isn’t too bad for a cute and unique dress like this. I am keeping it because I don’t have anything like it.


I was recently awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by incredibly sweet blogger Jessy of The Little Dust Princess. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a post about this because I am in shock that Jessy finds me stylish – I am so flattered. Thank you Jessy, I ♥ you too.

I feel so blessed to have found such a welcoming and helpful group of bloggers having only been around for a few short months. Thank you for your support.

I want to pass this award to the following ladies

Hanna of Evolving Style/Banhannas – Hanna is NOT afraid of colors and at first she struck me as having a classic modern chic style but I quickly found out that she harbors a truly funky side that occasionally shines through. Aside from having impeccable and quirky taste, Hanna is also extremely nice. When I was a green blogger who would spend hours trying to figure out how to link websites to pictures for easy navigation, she must have sensed my desperation and ignorance with blogger because she wrote me a detailed e-mail (unprompted too!) explaining how shopstyle works. My blogging life has become infinitely easier since that introduction. Thank you Hanna.

Callandra of Petite Early Morning Style – Callandra has a way of mixing prints and belting things and combining conventionally contradictory elements and making them work. It’s like magic…I can’t even explain it. You just have to read her blog to get what I mean.

Jean of Extra Petite – I am sure Jean has received this award multiple times but I just feel compelled to tag her again because she is the first blogger I followed with any interest. I stalked her blog for many many months before gathering enough courage to comment. My professional wardrobe blossomed because of her recommendations and if ever anyone (petite or not) ever needs fashion advice, I would direct them to Jean’s site without hesitation.

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