Urban Outfitters Deals + PFC4 Fail #1

I have waited with bated breath for this Pins and Needles Peter Pan Bodysuit to go on further sale for at least a month now (I know I am ridiculous…but I like to set a threshold for when a clothing purchase becomes not a splurge) and was going to take the plunge yesterday when I could have stacked three codes together for a pretty stellar discount but I hesitated and a few moments after midnight two of the three codes expired. I thought for sure this bodysuit would never be mine, until I got an e-mail earlier today from UO with a $25 off $100 code. It would have been a similar saving compared to yesterday but for someone with a full cart it was a big enough incentive for me to check out.

Stack GIFTED (10% entire purchase) with HEREYOUGO ($25 off $100). The kicker is that there is no free shipping but I think it’s still a pretty good deal in spite of that.

I can’t wait to get the order. I also ordered a gift for the boyfriend and a pair of shorts to make the $100 minimum.

The Pins and Needles Peter Pan Bodysuit in both Cream and Navy

Lucca Couture Sailor Short in Khaki

General Assembly Blazer (the non-corduroy version) for the bf

And I have been trying to be more imaginative for Petite Fashion Challenge #4…but I can’t seem to get into a festive mood (except for shopping, I am good at that). I love this LaRok dress because it (sort of) gives me curves and the illusion of a waist…but I then decided that if I chose this look for the challenge it would be a cop-out.

Is anyone else having trouble with this challenge? I think it’s the hardest challenge so far…my family is kind of relaxed about holiday parties so we rarely dress to the nines for these occasions.

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