Saturday Shopping Trip : H&M Skirts

I saw this fabulous skirt on Ping the other week and I am in desperate need of a pencil skirt so I decided to venture a little further than usual to a bigger H&M.

Sorry about the worse than usual photography – my remote/tripod combo is coming soon.

I came home with three skirts, two pencil skirts and a date night appropriate mini skirt.

The first skirt I grabbed was the one seen on Ping recently. The size 2 was bordeline too tight on me and I am thinking about exchanging it for a 4. The 2 fit comfortably when I was in the dressing room but after a meal it’s a little too tight.

I took some pictures of the skirt’s dimension against my grandma’s old school measuring tape.

The second skirt I tried on is the black version of Annie’s taupe/mauve ruched skirt. It’s really tiny and probably would only be appropriate when you are enjoying the company of your significant other or people you don’t know.

And here are the measurements. It’s so cute but really short.

And the last skirt I bought is one that Ping tried on a while ago. I think it would be more flattering on someone a little taller but I didn’t want to pass up a camel colored pencil skirt that fit me moderately well.

And the measurements.

Lastly, today’s shopping outfit. I don’t know why I wore jean leggings out shopping because they are not easy to pull on or off (at least for me). I am suddenly reminded why I only go shopping in loose flowy dresses.

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