Love to Hate : ASOS

Back when ASOS started offering free shipping to and free return from the U.S., I quickly jumped on the ordering wagon since my previous orders from ASOS met expectations. This time around though, it took over two months for me to receive my packages and if there is one thing that retailers fear, it’s that the customer derives no high from said purchase.

I am not unhappy with the products I received but I do take issue with the extended transit time (and I know the strike in France is partially to blame for the delay, but ASOS would admit no oversight on their part and merely sent out an e-mail saying that packages may be delayed and insisted that I should just be patient). Honestly though, I appreciate that they offer free shipping as they don’t have any physical presence in the U.S. However, for a lot of shoppers the buying experience is one that demands instant gratification and ASOS really failed to recreate that experience for me. Not that I am not already eying some of their newer offerings, but I am a little more than hesitant to press the checkout button.

(ASOS started offering free shipping with tracking after this fiasco – I wasn’t the only one who complained – so the experience should be improved. I am just a skeptic)

But back to the clothes, I am keeping at least two dresses and a bodysuit from the orders.

The ASOS Mesh Insert Pleat Detail Dress
 It looked really cute on the model but merely ok on me and the material really isn’t quality but I don’t have any similar dresses so for the sake of closet diversity I have decided to keep it. I am wearing a size 6 and it’s probably the right size for me except for the fact that I have a rather large rib cage which is almost too big for this dress. Thankfully after some huffin’ and puffin’ I was able to squeeze the rib cage in without tearing the dress. The rest of the dress fits ok.

 Jin-Ja Lace Bow Detail Dress (wearing a size S below)

It was love at first sight. I would have gotten both the navy (seen here) and the pink but when I discovered it the pink had already sold out in size S. Knowing that dresses which came in S, M, or L are often generous in fit, I knew that I was taking a chance ordering but just look at the bow in the front and the lace overlay and the sleeves! Unfortunately it is not very flattering on me but I am determined to make it work! I’ll probably get it taken in at the waist and shorten the length just slightly.

I’ll save the bodysuit for another post while I ponder the fate of the rest of the purchase. I think a few other petite bloggers also ordered…can’t wait to read their posts.

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