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I was the lethal combination of bored and stressed while traveling for work last week when I read on Vicky’s blog that the Limited was having a Halloween sale. The entire store was 40% off, including sale items. I haven’t been inside any The Limited stores in forever and would usually abstain without trying on brands that I am out of touch with but the discount was too good to pass up. I ended up getting a few items that totaled about $130 (I paid $13 for shipping though, which is normally a deal breaker for me as I refuse to pay shipping when I can go to a B&M store). The items later got further discounted so I am a little sour but I suppose that’s the nature of buying things during the holiday season.

I am on a bit of a tweed streak so I couldn’t resist the temptation of a well-reviewed feminine tweed jacket and a matching skirt.

On me, it’s a bit dowdy but since the entire set only set me back about $60 after discounts but before shipping I think I am keeping it. I am wearing an XS blazer, which is loose in the arms and in the torso (I like the length though). The skirt in size 0 is about 1-2 inches bigger than ideal around my waist but not a terrible fit considering how large some retailers’ size 0’s are. SewPetiteGal wore the blazer much better here.

I also got this Ruched Sleeve Lace Tee in XS in all three colors offered. I have a weakness for lace but am sorely disappointed by the fit and design…I had such high expectations after reading the reviews but again the positive reviews didn’t ring true for me. I knew it was going to be see through but it just doesn’t excite. I am keeping them because I hate doing returns and they aren’t terrible, but never again.

The white top I am wearing under the lace top is the Reversible Seamless Tank in S (I believe it’s only offered in S, M, and L), definitely not for petites (just look at how long it is on me) and the material itself is see through so darker-colored bras won’t work with this tank. I am keeping this one because I don’t really have a white tunic top to wear under jackets.

I also purchased this belt (Bow Front Corset Belt) thinking it would arrive pre-bowed but it’s just a regular belt. I am returning this one (and I never do returns…this goes to show how irked I am) because it’s not what I ordered at all. How does one even recreate a bow like this?

It’ll probably take me another few years to go back to the Limited as this experience hasn’t been pleasant.

P.S. my other complaint is their shipping cost…I know they also own Victoria’s Secret so I didn’t expect much from them but in case you are unfamiliar, everything comes in plastic bags and they arrive in one of those Economy Savers shipping bags. I won’t venture a guess how much it cost them to mail me this package, but it is not $13.

Addendum: I don’t mean to be a grinch, I think I am just in a hater mood. I’ll probably edit this post when I am less grinch-like. The shipping cost isn’t completely unreasonable and the clothes are of decent quality. I think after seeing how nicely things looked on SPG and reading the numerous positive reviews raised my expectation quite a bit…which resulted in this massive disappointment.

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