I Love Lace

This skirt is another find from my weekend H&M trips (at least another post or two about H&M in the next little while…you have been warned) – a skirt with interesting pleats and black lace trims at the hem. It was on sale for $20 and in size 2, the last of its kind in that store. It fits slightly looser than most slim fitting H&M size 2’s which may be why it ended up on a sale rack.

Jacket is super old and from Nordstrom’s junior department, lace top still available here, skirt is probably still available in some H&M stores, and the pumps can be found here.

And an embarrassing anecdote about yesterday’s postI figured out I was told that I wore the lace dress wrong (Ha, it’s so typical of me to get the front and the back mixed up). PAG at Extra Petite styled the dress months ago and even though I have seen her pictures, I failed to make the connection when I first put on the dress. I guess my only consolation is that the boyfriend didn’t seem to know the difference either.

It might just be me but Halloween and Thanksgiving kind of morphed into one holiday this year…I feel like I have been eating nothing but candy and giant meals everyday and destroying my metabolism by staying up way too late and abandoning my training routine. While getting dressed this morning I was certain I spotted the initial growth of a candy gut. I hope this is just a phase.

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