Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday Plans

I am loving all the helpful suggestions that I have been getting through the Reader Appreciation Giveaway – though the bulk of the suggestion point to me needing to blur out my face less, I am still in the early stages of convincing the bf that there aren’t nearly as many internet stalkers as he thinks there are.

But I have taken all the suggestions to heart and will be making some structural changes to the site in the coming weeks. I will also try to add more personal touches to the blog and do my best to incorporate more of my life into this blog – beyond fashion and my shopping hauls.

For the big Thanksgiving meal my family has opted to do a hot pot instead of the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce fare. My mom isn’t the greatest cook in the world and the two times that she has attempted to cook a bird for this holiday, she botched both attempts so while I appreciate a good turkey meal I am quite happy with the hot pot (when the alternative is turkey with a raw center).

Since I didn’t leave the house today I was in shorts and t-shirt all day, this outfit is from yesterday. I was wearing my new J. Crew skirt in size 12 (it’s the Crewcuts Girls’ microtwill pouf skirt, I got it in both spice chartreuse and vintage wisteria on sale for $22.99 each with free shipping), Theory Gabe B blazer in size 0, a yellow bralet from Marshall’s, a black tank top in size S that I stole from my mom, and N.Y.L.A. black pumps in size 7.

I think I will stay home for Black Friday since I am in a funk but may eventually find it in myself to venture outside. I have found Vicky’s guide to Black Friday sales very helpful so if anyone is planning to head out, I would print her post out to take with you when you go shopping.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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