Wear It Five Ways : $10 H&M Puff Sleeve Dress

Ping has reviewed several H&M items in the last few weeks and I keep going to my local H&M hoping to find some of the items she reviewed…no such luck though so I mostly leave empty-handed.

On Thursday night (the same mall trip during which I acquired the Ann Taylor Lightweight Donegal Knit Skirt), I went to H&M in search of the leather dress that Ping wore (seriously, how hot did she look in that dress?). I didn’t find the dress but did try on about 10 items (including one that looks really similar to the beige ruched front dress that Sophia tried on…the size 2 was about 2 sizes too small and I felt too defeated to try on a size 6) and left with 3 sale items. I got this puff-sleeved dress in two colors (light pink and mint green)…at $10, the price was too good to pass up. Looks quite plain on its own because I immediately removed the tacky black ribbon belt that came with it.

The only problems that I had with the dress are the buttons…there is a row of buttons along the back that would have made sense if they were replaced with zippers but if you’ve never tried, it is really difficult to button things in the back. I was too big to pull the dress from under so I had to wiggle myself into the dress from the top. It was not a pretty sight.

And in an effort to curb spending money on unnecessary clothing items, I made a pact with myself to style every piece of new casual clothing purchase, however cheap or expensive, in at least five ways. If I can’t get up to five looks then the item goes back. I did six looks for this dress because I was feeling so inspired.

Look 1: Theory Darlin Turn Blazer in 00, matching Theory capris in 00
Look 2: Ann Taylor LOFT Ruffle Front Cardigan in XXSP, Modern Vintage Elettra pumps in 7
Look 3: Ann Taylor Lightweight Donegal Knit Skirt in 00p, Dolce Vita Madison pumps in 7
Look 4: Theory Gabe B Blazer in 00
Look 5: Stella McCartney for Gap Kids Tulle Skirt in L (similar here), Betsey Johnson Sweater Tights in S/M
Look 6: Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater in S, Chinese Laundry Tweed Pumps in 7 (sigh, more tweed pumps here)

There are still a number of size 2’s available in the H&M near my house (as well as other sizes) so I imagine this dress will still be available elsewhere as well. If I can help you get one let me know. It’ll give me another opportunity to go shopping. 🙂

Also, just got this dress too because I have been thinking about it way too much. The size 4 barely fits…I am thinking about upgrading to a size 6. I’ll need ideas to style it five ways too so if you can help me keep the dress…I would be so grateful.

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