PLNDR 9PM-9AM Overnight Sale – $9.99 Items

I am not too pleased with PLNDR or BB Dakota at the moment but I thought I’d do a write up of this sale since I bought some items on the cheap. Sophia wasn’t too impressed by the quality and Sydney thought the quality was only ok so I wouldn’t recommend these items unless you are just looking for something trendy to wear.

Everything is priced $9.99 and lower, various streetwear brands (including BB Dakota, which leans toward the feminine which is what I prefer)

I ended up getting a few items that I wanted to get last time that came back in stock in my size.

I am not particularly pleased with PLNDR at the moment since the following has happened: 1) they unexpectedly canceled a Free People sample sale that was scheduled weeks in advance without notice and when I contacted them they didn’t even respond?! Some customer service… 2) they now charge $2/per final sale item plus the “$4.95 flat rate shipping”

But since the items arrive in a somewhat timely (their warehouse is on the East Coast so things get to me more quickly than for those living on the West Coast) fashion and in impeccable condition I won’t vent about this at length.

Invites are not necessary but you can use my referral link here if you’d like.

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