Cocktail Dress Hour: Alice + Olivia Dress

I bought this Alice + Olivia dress on Gilt for (what I remember to be) about 40% off the original retail price. And with most of my Gilt purchases I bagged the purchase before pondering what occasion I would wear it to. The online sample sales have trained to me to process purchases in three simple steps: pick, add, and pay. All three steps are usually completed in under 10 minutes so to say that these purchases are well-researched or stewed over would be a lie. I loved this dress and I still love it but I don’t think it’s very “me” and I don’t think I will ever wear it. In organizing my closet sale I pulled this from the abyss of my closet to reevaluate its role in my closet.

As it stands now, this dress is going in the closet sale but I don’t know if I can let it go if it gets bought. I know it doesn’t look that great on me but I can’t internalize or digest the thought that past loves are better off elsewhere. I wonder if I have hoarding tendencies when it comes to pretty dresses. Sorry to be so glum about this but this closet sale has really exposed my weak spot for dresses. I have no problem letting go of unworn or rarely worn pants or sweaters or tops but when it’s a dress it’s just sooooo hard.

What would you do, dear readers?

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