BB Dakota Review Pt 2

These two pieces are part of a PLNDR order from a few weeks ago that I haven’t had a chance to photograph until now. I am happy with these two purchases because while the quality isn’t the greatest I love the print on them.

This dress was selling for nearly full price on RevolveClothing so I was happy to get it for under $20 through PLNDR. My boyfriend, who usually isn’t enthusiastic about busy prints, loved it. The dress will look better with heels for more petite girls. A really lovely piece for the spring though I am sure I will find a way to wear it this fall.

Next up is this skirt that I got for less than $10. The 0 was no longer available when I ordered it so I opted for a size 2. It is definitely way too big and settled on my hips. I like the design but don’t think it’s worth the tailoring cost. Does anyone have any ideas for a DIY project?

Sydney has already mentioned the sales on PLNDR that are coming up but I thought I’d rehash them here. There is a midnight sale (the skirt is included) that will end tomorrow morning at 9AM EST and a BB Dakota sale that will start tomorrow. I can’t say that the BB Dakota sale will happen for sure since PLNDR has a habit of canceling sales in the last minute but if you like the clothes I think it would be worth your time to check it out. PLNDR has had a few BB Dakota sales in the last month and the prices have been lowered every time so I am optimistic that this sale will at least be cheap if the options aren’t stellar.

You can go through Sydney’s link or use my referral code here to sign up. Referrals are not necessary.

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