Vineyard Vines Cotton Sea Island Cardigan in XS

Before last Sunday I had no idea Vineyard Vines made anything other than those ubiquitous totes worn by people who “summer.” I was casually browsing Gilt’s Preppy Handbook sale, which was just a compilation of various cardigans, slacks, blazers from preppy brands (like Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vines) that didn’t sell from a previous sample sale (Gilt’s been doing that a lot – grouping things into stereotypes – in lieu of throwing all their inventory into the final sale clearance).

I saw this cute little jacket, or what Vineyard Vines preferred to call, a cardigan. I immediately put it in my cart then mulled over whether or not I really needed another short jacket. After five minutes of internal struggle I decided to get it since my red Chanel still hasn’t surfaced.

When I got home today from work a nice little package from Gilt was waiting for me. I hurriedly open the box to see what lies inside. I was slightly disappointed as it became immediately obvious to me that this was a cardigan-jacket lovechild. The material was fairly lightweight to wear in the winter so I think this is suited for the fall.

The XS fits me fine, I can definitely wear about 5 button downs underneath and still be in good shape.

I do think it looks better only partially buttoned (like how the model wore it), when all the buttons are done up the cardigan makes me look boxy. Definitely not a bad price for something simple and classic for the fall. We’ll have to see how often I’ll reach for it to know the real value of this purchase.

I am so excited about tomorrow, my F21 haul and Amazon shoes should be getting here.

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