Victoria’s Secret Clearance Items Update

Update: 9/14/2010

VS is offering free shipping on any orders placed today. I asked VS’s CS department to refund my shipping since my order was placed yesterday and hasn’t shipped. They did it! I am so impressed by their efficiency, I have decided I’ll frequent them more now.

It’s been a while (a few weeks) since I last browsed Victoria’s Secret’s website. I had blown several hundred dollars on new bras and panties and was feeling a little spendthrift. I finally logged back in this week after receiving a mailer from VS in snail mail, a $10 off code was included. I decided that it doesn’t hurt to see if any deals can be had for the coupon. On top of the $10 off code (FA1023329, only works with a specific source code…I used mine already), there is free shipping on orders over $100 (FA1023317, expires 10/29/2010), free panties and $10 off a non-sale Body by Victoria bra (FA1023293, expires 10/1/2010), a tier code for non-clearance items (FA1023257, $15 off $100, $30 off $150, $75 off $250, $150 off $500) and 25% off pants (FA1023305, expires 10/1/2010).

The $10 off code turned out to be a profitable one for VS, as I snatched up three dresses on sale and spent more than what I wanted to or anticipated.

I got two (one in XS fern green and one in XXS violet) of this bra top dress (I bought a red one in this style two years ago…I actually think it’s incredibly comfortable. I’ll try to find that dress and model it later tonight. VS likes to recycle styles so this will probably be selling for full price come January). Still has a ton of colors left in XXS. The red one I had was an XS and it fits me perfectly…I am trying out the XXS to see if there is much difference. Orig. $48 Clearance $12.99


I also got this halter dress in black size 0 (the only color that is left, I think…) The concept is cute and at $9.99 my wallet won’t hurt much if it turns out to be a disappointment. Orig. $58 Clearance $9.99


I had to exercise much self-control to not buy any of the following items…thank goodness for my wallet that the shoes were mostly sold out in my size. But if you have small feet and need shoes, it might be worth your while to check out VS’s clearance section.

This bow pencil skirt is so cute in concept but I have a million black skirts and I am afraid that this length might end up being horrendous on me so I  passed…it wasn’t an easy decisionOrig. $39.50 Clearance $14.99


This top is also cute…the sleeves look big though so I passed. I love the ruched details though. Orig. $68.50 Clearance $14.99

These boots were also difficult to pass up but thankfully it wasn’t available in my size. Only available in burgundy but what a beautiful color for the fall! Orig. $139 Clearance $44.99


These boots are only available in blonde and in size 5…lucky small-feet girl, go get it! Orig. $80 Clearance $34.99

Also, I have a few pairs of shoes from the Amazon Warehouse in my cart and I noticed that all of them went down in price by about 10%-30% over the weekend. If you saw something that you liked but didn’t get, maybe look again and see if the price has gone down?

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