Juicy Couture Peplum Jacket on SmartBargains

I love peplum details so when I came across this Juicy Couture Peplum Jacket with detachable peplum I knew I had to have it. It originally retailed for $198, it’s on sale at Smart Bargains for $99.99. But wait, they have a 40% off discount this week so it’s now $59.98. I was about to bite the bullet but was a little put off by the $9.95 shipping (I hate paying for shipping). I googled for coupons and found this Extra 30% Off One Item offer and saved myself another $18, even better than free shipping. Total out of pocket? just under $55.

Reviews were generally positive, people seem to really like the versatility of having the option to remove the peplum skirt. One reviewer complained about the slight stiffness of the material (it’s supposedly 97% cotton and 3% spandex) so we’ll have to see. Juicy Couture doesn’t have the greatest quality but it’s also generally not terrible. Only size petite is available at this price. For those of you unfamiliar with Juicy Couture sizing, P is the smallest alphabet size. According to reviews it fits true to size.

Still on Zappos Couture for $125 so I think $55 at my size is a steal.

Other great finds that I had to let go because they weren’t in my size (I hate not having small feet sometimes)

These Charles David Chalet Tall Scrunch Boot are on sale for $103.97 (eligible for the extra 30% off) but only available in size 5. Comes in blue or purple. 

I have been hunting for animal print pumps for a while now since animal print is previously uncharted territory for me. Unfortunately these are only available in 5, 5.5, and 6. Originally $110, on sale for $29.98. Extra 30% off one item is eligible for these as well.

And these Cole Haan Air Kadin Black Leather Tall Boots are only available in size 5. Originally $275, on sale for $95.98 and eligible for extra 30% off. I wonder what would happen if I try to squeeze my 6.5/7 feet into them.

These boots supposedly come with “padded footbed with Nike Air® technology”…don’t they sound and look incredibly comfortable. 🙁 Mom, why did you give me big feet?

I have been brainstorming ideas for the second Petite Fashion Challenge and actually took some pictures of a few different outfits this week. I am feeling uninspired in my outfit choices so I am hoping this challenge will help me push through this slump. I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts though, the last (and first ever) petite fashion challenge had some really unorthodox choices and I loved it.

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