I won a contest!

Jean at Extra Petite hosted an Allison Izu Premium Petite Denim Giveaway some time back and I was fortunate enough to be one of three winners (thank you random number generator). I received a pair of jeans and a top courtesy of Allison.

I decided to try the Panio Low-Rider Boot in Sz 0/31″ inseam and got a small top (Allison chose the style). After some e-mail exchanges, I came home to find this nifty little package waiting for me.

Nicely packaged, came with a personalized card from Allison. What a nice touch!

And the obligatory modeling pictures. Pardon my post-dinner belly…

The size 0 fits almost perfectly. It’s only a tad big around the waist and a bit tight around the thighs (thank you running and the associated thunder thighs). I am odd shaped so to find something that fits this perfectly is amazing. Goodbye Abercrombie kids jeans and hello jeans that love hips. The jeans are really nicely made, Jean mentioned that this style was made from more lightweight than some of the other jeans she tried on but I still think it’s a nice thick sturdy material.

The top is really comfortable, somewhat thinner than what I am used to but would be perfect for the summer.

If I didn’t already own like 20 pairs of jeans I would order the Chinatown Trousers right this minute. I am so curious about how those would look. Maybe after my ban I’ll take the plunge.

Hi, I am Elle!

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