Amazon Warehouse Shoes – Part 1

This is a long post. You have been warned!

The first part of my order arrived today! I am so excited to get them, they are in much better condition than what I had expected. They have some wear on the bottom (what you’d expect from, say, a display shoe…but the wear is definitely limited to being worn indoors) but absolutely perfect on the outside. I purposefully avoided red shoes because I have too many of those.

In case any of you ladies are interested in the fit of these shoes, I normally wear a size 6.5 or 7 depending on the brand. I would consider myself somewhere in between because while the length of my feet are more suited for the 6.5, my feet and toes are more wide relative to the length (I have heard that this is typical of many Asian women). I like to order size 7’s because at worst I can use foot petals if they are slightly big.

Note: the links provided below will direct you to retailers that have these shoes in more sizes as Amazon Warehouse is very limited in size. They usually have only one size available in any style. If you are interested in shoes that are more steeply discounted I urge you to casually browse Amazon Warehouse, they have cute shoes in other sizes that I couldn’t wear!

These Franco Sarto Napoli pumps turned out to be my favorite from this batch. They fit me perfectly and are so comfortable to walk in. I can imagine myself walking around in these for hours and be spared the usual blisters associated with tall heels. The color is bright yet not so eye-catching to be considered unprofessional. I think I will be getting a lot of wear out of these. I am tempted to order the champagne colored pumps (I don’t like using the word “nude” to describe this color because it’s certainly not my skin tone) from Zappos. These I ordered in a size 7, most reviewers describe these as being about 1/2 size too big but they fit me just fine.

The Luichiny Kam Me Peep Toe pumps that were initially my favorite turned out to be a slight disappointment. I like the height (and it’s high, alright…not recommended for people who aren’t used to wearing high heels on a daily basis). The color is not as vibrant as it appears in the stock photo…it skims the line of being too dark for me. Maybe it’ll look better outdoors. I ordered these in a 6.5 because most reviews mentioned these being at least a 1/2 size big. 6.5 fits great for me. It’s snug enough for me – for pumps with heels this tall – falling is not an option. At only $30, I am keeping them.

I am always on the lookout for new closed-toe black pumps. I have wanted to try these Dolce Vita Madison Platform pumps for some time now and the price was reasonable enough for me to pull the trigger. I was initially concerned about these pumps having too much toe cleavage (many reviewers mentioned too much toe cleavage being the reason for return), I had that problem with these N.Y.L.A. pumps that I own so I was a little alarmed. I ordered these in a size 7 and they fit almost perfectly. Not too snug and not too loose. The great surprise is that my toes (for the most part) weren’t showing.

Up next is the Wild Diva Wink Wedge Sandal, they were on sale for $5.99 and they look cute enough for me to want to try. I usually stay away from shoes with too much going on but at this price it was hard to say no. I ordered these in a 6.5 since I usually take size 6.5 in sandals. These were as cute in person as they were in the pictures…I would’ve preferred the platform to be lower but it’s good enough for me. These are REALLY tall (I was 5’8 in these…) but since they are wedges they are easy to walk in.

The last of this batch is the DV by Dolce Vita Flora Flat. I would say these are my least favorite of this batch, they aren’t terribly uncomfortable or ugly. I think it’s just hard for me to get excited about “Dark Brown Cow Suede.” I ordered these in a size 7. In any case, they cost less than $20 and I think I could’ve sized up for comfort since I like my flats to be a little looser for comfort. 

I am keeping everything. I don’t dislike anything enough to warrant a return. And these five together cost less than $100 so I am not complaining. 

I will definitely order from Amazon Warehouse again. Though, I have a word of caution. Most shoes offered at AW are discounted at about 50% off retail prices, which I consider too high for something that is supposedly in “open box” condition. I combed through the size 6.5/7 section to find the shoes I ended up getting. I think you just need to have a lot of time and patience to comb through like 50 pages of shoes. I think the shoes I received are in great shape in spite of Amazon’s warning that I should expect scuffs on the exterior and extensive wear on the bottom. Maybe I just got lucky, we’ll have to see how the next batch turns out.

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