Work Outfits : Drabby Fall Colors

Another day, another boring work outfit. I think taking pictures of my outfits is actually a good way to critique myself as I sometimes don’t get the chance to analyze my outfits before I dash off to work every morning.

I am wearing these Polo Ralph Lauren boy’s button downs in size 8 (I reviewed a different colored one here)
Anne Klein Skirt in size 0 (too big, so it sits REALLY low on my waist)
Anne Klein belt (came with these other dress suits, to try to mask the fact that the skirts are sitting pretty low on my waist)
Wet Seal shoes in size 7 (I got them about 2 years ago, they were REALLY cheap, something ridiculous like 5 bucks on sale, I got it in several colors. They are pretty cute, just not made for wearing when you need to travel a lot)

I hadn’t noticed this when I was wearing it but this outfit is really wrinkly…yikes. How do I not notice this when I was wearing them? The belt needs to be modified somehow as the extra length is really flappy and cannot be tamed. I was wearing a matching jacket but I usually take it off when I am at work.

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