The Unfortunate Case of a Nanette Lepore Skirt

Before I begin my rant, I want to note that I love Nanette Lepore. NL looks just amazing on most people but this skirt has a way of making me look boxy and oddly shaped.

So problem number one is the waist, there’s a pretty significant gap and since the material isn’t stretchy you can tell in person that there’s a waist gap. It looks even worse when shirts aren’t tucked in. The next problem is the length, it hits me halfway down my calves and it’s a terrifying length for me. The most serious problem though, in my opinion, is that when I pulled back the fabric to try to see what altering can do for it, it looks just as bad. Is there any hope for it? Or should I just put it in my to-be-donated bin?

This skirt is a size 2, when I bought it on sale the size 0 wasn’t available. I wish the problem is limited to me getting the wrong size, but I have the same problem with NL size 0 skirts and dresses. Most of the NL items I have have been donated but I wonder if I have to write off the brand altogether.

Do you avoid certain brands as a rule because most things in that store look unflattering on you?

P.S. I have decided to change the rules for that Miss Selfridge bubble dress giveaway as I realized I made it too complicated.

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