Red Chanel Dilemma

I am in the market for a red Chanel flap in caviar skin…either a m/l or a jumbo.

On the one hand, I think the jumbo would suit my lifestyle better as I like to haul everything everywhere. On the other hand, I think the jumbo wouldn’t be appropriate for evening activities.

Petite ladies love jumbos though and can really work them. Just look at MK and Nicole.

The UGH factor in this whole thing is that while I love Chanel…their price increases have become ridiculous…the price gouging practice ought to be criminal. In any case, this would be my last bag purchase for a long while so I want to make sure that I make all of the right decisions.

I believe the red in stores now is a darker red. I loved the 10C colors but I believe those are not available anymore.

Any input?

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