Pencey Duplex Dress

I only own one Pencey dress so I don’t know if all of them run small like the Duplex dress does.

I got a great deal on this dress. When I received it I discovered that the deal was sweeter than first meets the eye. The dress is essentially composed of two parts: the inside white under layer that is a dress in itself and the gray outer shell with pleats detail. The details throughout the dress are striking but I think I should’ve ordered a size up.

Pencey Duplex Dress in Hemlock Grey
I got it in a size 0 (a bit too small for me)

The only flaw that I feel which needs to be pointed out is the buttons. Oh, the buttons. They are gorgeous but they are such a pain to button. The hole are too small and there are so many of them. Another detail worth noting is the unfinished hem, I personally don’t mind it but I know people who do. So consider this a disclaimer. But I love this dress so I am willing to overlook the PITA buttons and unfinished hem and recommend it to petites everywhere.

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