While I realize I am fairly petite compared to the general population but the inflated sizes at mall retailers like the Gap, BR, etc. further entrenched in me the idea that I can wear pretty much the smallest adult sizes available even though there are many other girls who are a few sizes smaller than me. I also dislike trying things out in stores and will often buy something that may not be returned. I would like to highlight one incident that proves how wrong I am and how one cannot simply go by the size chart sometimes or by their perception of their own size.

I bought this Miss Selfridge (I believe they are a British denim company) dress because I love bubble skirts and I thought this would be a great summer dress that I can run around in. It was final sale and in a UK size 4. I have a few UK size 6 items that ran a little big so I was under the impression that maybe the 4 would fit me better. WRONG. I could not have been more wrong. Look at how small this dress is on me.

I look like an overgrown child who outgrew her clothes overnight. Yikes! I realized later that this is Juniors sizing but it’s incredible how arrogant I am about purchasing clothes.

Do you have a story like this? Bought something on final sale that turned out to be much too large or too small? What did you end up doing with the ill-fitted clothes?

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