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I always love reading people’s blogroll to find new reading material (though I really need to pick up a book one of these days), so I thought I’d reciprocate and do the same for my readers.

(listed randomly, not ranked or anything for their awesomeness)

1. Jezebel (my bf used to complain about jezebel being ultra-men-hating-bra-burning-extreme-radicalism but he’s since seen the light)

2. DontNotReply – E-mails from an Asshole (I know I will go to h*** for liking this blog, but it is so hilarious. Some of the recent stuff is more mean than funny, but check the archive and it’ll make your day so much more meaningful…not)

3. Food Porn Daily – I occasionally enjoy looking at food pictures and there’s really nowhere better than this for food porn.

4. Gizmodo & LifeHacker– (my boyfriend hooked me on these two…both sister, or rather, brother sites to Jezebel and owned by Gawker Media. Gizmodo reports on tech stuff while LifeHacker informs you of random but sometimes interesting things)

5. Foreign Policy – (I was a government major in college…and I am working in a completely different field now so this is my attempt to reconnect with my past)

6.  This is why you’re fat: where dreams become heart attacks – personally, I don’t find some of this stuff that bad. I would gladly eat fries that are coated in chocolate or sandwiches that are the size of an infant. Not to mention they introduced me to the double down at KFC. The B&J Vermonster is also a legend, I ate that routinely in college.

I’ll update this list periodically with new finds (or add old ones that I forgot about)…I follow many petite bloggers, fashion bloggers, etc. and I don’t even know where to begin with those)

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