Cocktail Dress Hour : Notte by Marchesa Embroidered Blush Tank Dress

Update: 9/24/2010

Sophia called me out. I did fail to provide pictures of me in the dress. These pictures are just pretty bad and at the time I thought I’d save myself the embarrassment. This dress is about a good size or two bigger than what I would ideally need, resulting in bra exposure, loose chest gap, etc. I still haven’t found a seamstress willing to guarantee me that they can take this in without destroying it.


I am a girl who buys for the future. You can tell because I have around 35 cocktail dresses in my closet with their tags intact. I am not the biggest fan of formal attire and floor-length ball gowns, but I love cocktail dresses.

My favorite is this Notte by Marchesa dress. It makes me want to twirl around in circles (imagine that).

The smallest sizes were sold out. I ended up getting this dress in a size 4
In retrospect, it was not a good call

This dress sold like hotcakes. By the time I got to it it was sold out in 0 and in 2’s. I got the size 4, which is loose on me. I haven’t found the right tailor to take in this dress since most aren’t confident that they can alter it without sabotaging the dress. The delicate beading detail  doesn’t allow room for any error. So it sits in my closet, waiting for the day I find the right tailor or gains enough weight to wear.

Anna Kendrick, of Twilight and Up In The Air fame

Do you have a favorite cocktail dress? I would love to see pictures and compare notes.

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