Compare & Contrast : Ralph Lauren Button Downs

Having attended private school in my younger days, I shudder to revisit those days of extreme preppy-ism. However, I do relapse from time to time and cave in to Polo Ralph Lauren’s blinding spell.

This post will be devoted to examining the difference between a women’s size 0 button down and a boy’s size 8 button down. When tabloids or commentators critique petite and wafer-thin starlets, they often denounce them by saying that these starlets have the body of an 8-year old boy.

So are they right? You can judge for yourself.

Can you tell which is which?

It shouldn’t be hard to note the glaring difference between the two. The one on the left (the boy’s size 8) is boxy, obvious that it’s meant for someone with a short and rectangular torso.The sleeves are also short.

The one on the right, a woman’s size 0, is more fitted around the waist and is generally more tapered.

The price difference is somewhat significant, somewhere around $30. If I tucked in the boy’s shirt and roll up the sleeves. it still looks fine…but shirts in the boy’s department are meant to be worn by boys, not 24-year old post-pubescent women.

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