Cocktail Dress Hour – Pretty in Pink?

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am obsessed with the color pink. I try to wear it less these days now that I am considered an adult, but I still buy pretty pink frocks to satisfy my girly whims.

This is an Aqua pink bustier dress, sold exclusively at Bloomingdales. I am wearing a size 2, I can definitely wear the size 0 but I think it would be hard to wear a strapless bra underneath. Accessorized with my favorite Chanel WOC (I have two pink WOC’s, one in the classic envelope style and this one has a special CC design) and Charlies David shoes in size 7.

Too much pink? I think I should stick to wearing these one at a time so as not to be known the girl who has a princess complex.

Also, this is what inspired me to buy the Aqua dress, I can’t remember where I find it but as soon as I figure it out I will give them full credit.

I am on the hunt for a necklace or accessory that is similar to the one the model is wearing, has anyone seen something similar? Thanks!

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