Cocktail Dress Hour: Larok Tea Party Dress

I love LaRok, partially because it is quite a petite friendly line. I think the brand has found its niche in small dress-loving women. The colors are mostly monotonous, the occasionally splash of pink in a sea of blacks and grays.

I started stalking LaRok dresses long before I came to own one, and when I saw this dress on sale I knew I had to have it. The XS is perfect on me, if I were half an inch bigger it wouldn’t have worked at all.

LaRok is a young brand, literally. It started in the fall of 2004 and quickly became popular among the Young Hollywood crowd. The prices are reasonable, dresses and tops are mostly under $300 and jackets are generally under the $400 mark.

LaRok dresses are really well made for something in this price range. The materials are thick but oh so comfortable. The only dress that I have found which is harder to maintain was the polyester Eye Candy Dress, which I will review at a later date.

Tea Party Dress on the left

I will start posting modeling pictures for every dress reviewed here, you just have to check the original threads for updates.

I have a few other LaRok dresses to review in the future, I simply love this brand.

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