Closet Purging Time : To Keep or Not to Keep, That’s the Question

I started collecting red dresses about three years ago. I am not entirely certain how this particular hobby came about but it has gotten a little out of control. I am currently in the process of cleaning out my closet and donating what I don’t wear/haven’t worn and can use some unbiased opinions about which ones to keep and which ones I should give away.

This next one is a Nicole Miller that I love to pieces but simply have not had an opportunity to wear.

This dress is a Marciano corset dress look-a-like

For the most part I maintain my cool when choosing what to donate but I am having the hardest time deciding if I should let any of these three go. Help?!

Also, just yesterday I proclaimed loudly that I was on a shopping ban, but in a moment (or several moments) of weakness I bought some (cheap) stuff from UO and F21 because of deals that other petite bloggers posted about. Some of my favorites:

Elastic Waist Skirt from F21
Lace Peplum Top from F21
Adria Linen Shorts from F21

Bunny ears from UO

F21 has free shipping on purchases of $40 and over and Alterations Needed provided some codes for UO. Sigh, we are all enablers.

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