Burberry Kids Rain Boots

Updated 8/17/2010

Me wearing it. I am having second thoughts about them. They are WAY too short. I am not sure what I was thinking. Oh well, they are very durable, I will just have to disregard disdainful looks I might get on the street.

I took a weekend trip to Philly and along the way stopped at outlets as a means to replenish mental energy before hitting the road again.

I found the these pink checkered rain boots in children’s size 13.

Still available at Burberry Online for $125

They were the last pair of rain boots in the store and they looked pretty wearable even though they were tucked away underneath a shelf displaying primarily scarfs. I tried them on, and they fit! I usually wear a size 6.5/7 because my feet are quite wide so it was a surprise that these fit. I love pink and have been wanting some cute rain boots for some time. They were on the verge of being too small but at $90 I thought they weren’t terribly expensive and I actually found something I needed to buy.

I can’t wear thick socks with these rain boots but I still don’t regret my purchase. My only concern is: they look like children’s rain boots. Would you wear them?

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