BCBG Textured (aka Bandage) Skirts

I know! This skirt has been reviewed to death. But I love this skirt so I am doing it anyway.

I have three of them: red, gray, and teal. 

For those of you who have been living under a rock (I am kidding!), BCBG owns Hervé Léger, which is famous for its Bandage dresses (aka Body-Con dresses). I covet HL’s but I can’t justify its price tag. I first heard about these skirts through tPF and promptly purchased three skirts because I heard that, for less than a third of the price of one HL dress, I can have three skirts that are similar in texture to HL dresses. And even HL lovers can testify that these skirts are only a teensy bit flimsier than HL’s. HL lovers around the world, REJOICE!

The smallest size available is an XS. It fits me well but would be too big for a girl that is even a little bit more petite than I am. That is the only unfortunate part. The skirt fits me well around the hips but is loose (after a few wears) around the waist. I have heard that they regain their shape so I am holding out for that to happen. 

Skirt is XS

Worn with Topshop Leather Jacket, it’s a size 2 but it’s HUGE

The material is super stretchy so the XS would fit, though snugly, up to a small size 4. But I typically wear a 00, 0 or 2 (thank you, vanity sizing) and it fits rather well when I tuck in my top.

I can’t wait to get my next BCBG skirt. What color should I go for next? I love the summer 2010 colors but I heard fall 2010 is exciting as well.

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