Abercrombie Tiered Floral Dress

I found this dress at an A&F outlet in Delaware about two months ago, it was on sale for under $25 (and no sales tax on clothes in DE, woohoo). It was available in all sizes so I picked up this one in XS.

I have to say, when I first bought it I didn’t think this particular dress would ever see the light of day but I surprised myself by how often I reach for this particular dress when I am in a rush to get to lunch.

It’s a bit too short so sometimes when I have to run around I wear short shorts under it. I think it can be found on ebay now or at outlets if you live by one. In the pictures I tied the bow in the front but you can certainly opt to do it in the back. Super fun summer dress in my opinion and the price is pretty good considering how much I’ve already worn it.

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